Introducing SpiderpodiumTablet®!

Portland, Oregon - January, 2011. Breffo announces the SpiderpodiumTablet®


Portland, Oregon - January, 2011 - CES 2011 Innovations Award Honoree Breffo Unveils Its Newest Product Line, The Spiderpodium Tablet, at CES 2011. The Spiderpodium Tablet is an iconic stand and grip that offers unprecedented flexibility in the placement and display of tablet sized devices.

The Spiderpodium Tablet stand delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Designed and engineered to meet the needs of the demanding tablet accessory market, the Spiderpodium Tablet stand is compatible with all Tablet type products, including the Apple iPad.

Nic McMahon, Co-founder and US CEO said, "Patrick Mathews (Founder/Global CEO) and I are extremely excited to announce the Spiderpodium Tablet. We have spent a significant amount of time and effort on the R & D, to make sure this product exceeds the needs of any tablet user. Perfectly balancing aesthetic and functional design to create a brilliant new product concept. The Spiderpodium Tablet allows users to grip, stand, hang, or attach their tablet device virtually anywhere with a single accessory, while the aesthetic design makes it an iconic classic gadget that will be a joy to own".

Offered in both Black and graphite grey initially the Spiderpodium Tablet will be available to current and prospective global distributors, as well as directly through

Testamonials - What industry are saying

  1. Wales Design Awards 2010


    "Best of Wales Design Awards 2010: Winner"

    (Credit: Conka Design & Cardiff Design Festival)

  2. MacLife


    "Affordable. Fun. MacLife Rating: Great!"

    (Credit: Susie Ochs, MacLife)

  3. The Irish Sunday Star

    Irish Star

    "The Spiderpodium is available in black or white and is the best gadget accessory we've seen in ages"

    (Credit: Gavan Byrne, The Irish Daily Star)

  4. The Washington Post

    Washington Post - iPhone Dock

    "The Spiderpodium looks like it might fact, it's quite safe-the bendy limbs allow for hanging (like in a car) or standing"

    (Credit: Holly J. Morris, The Washington Post)

  5. Jason Bradbury - The Gadget Show

    Jason Bradbury - iPod Dock

    "I really, really, really like the product! You can put that on your website!"

    In Person

  6. Testamonials - What customers are saying

  7. Startrek_I

    "The Spiderpodium is great, brilliant, absolutely hip!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Germany - Via eMail

  8. K. Powers

    "Very Cool!"

    Via email

  9. A. Anstis

    "Just a quick THANK YOU for your wonderful Spiderpodium! I first saw this at the Autosport show and I have been patiently waiting for one to buy since. I now have one and it's fantastic.......well done Breffo.

    It was that good, I bought my family one each......!"

    Via email

  10. Ronan Anderson

    The Spiderpodium is fantastic! Works a treat for the SatNav and iPod in my car. Slots neatly into the air vents, just like in your pictures. Keep the great designs coming Breffo!

    Dublin, Ireland