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Spirit Magazine, 2011

iPad StandOctober, 2011

Luxury Magazine, 2011

iPad StandOctober, 2011

The Apprentice, 2011

ApprenticeJune, 2011

(Credit: The Apprentice, BBC): BREFFO'S 'UNIVERSAL TRAVEL GRIP', THE SPIDERPODIUM, LEADS TEAM TO A HISTORIC WIN IN LORD SUGAR'S BOARDROOM: In a bid to get closer to finding his Apprentice, Lord Sugar challenged the candidates' abilities to select, pitch and sell UK design innovations to retail buyers in Paris.

'Venture' the team to successfully win in the Boardroom, made two good choices: a "universal travel grip" designed to hold phones, cameras and so on, and a rucksack that turned into a child's travel seat. They romped home with one of the biggest retail purchase wins ever on the show!

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.net, 2011

iPad StandJuly, 2011

Irish Tatler, 2011

iPad StandJuly, 2011, 2011

MTVJune, 2011

(Credit: Craig Goldstein, MTV): FOR THE DAD WHO IS FASCINATED BY THE KAMA SUTRA: Eight flexible squidlike arms embosom your Dad's tablet in a secure embrace. And we totally won't judge your old man for whatever alternate functions he comes up with for the device. ....

Self Magazine, 2011

iPad StandJune, 2011

The Irish Times, 2011

iPad StandJanuary, 2011

(Credit: Ciara O' Brien, Irish Times): Spiderpodium Tablet: Arachnophobes beware. This creepy looking tablet-holder keeps a firm grip on your tablet device while you work or watch videos. The latest in the line of Breffo Spiderpodium products, the holder is designed to be universal so you use it with any tablet you like, whether you are an iPad fan, a Galaxy Tab-user or are holding out for the Playbook. Even when switching between all three, the Spiderpodium can be bent to fit any tablet you like. It's lightweight and compact, with notched legs that are flexible enough that it can hang from and secure itself to almost any surface, along with your tablet. If you need it to travel with you, it can be folded up easily and tucked into a handbag or carry-on bag. The perfect accessory for any tablet.

CES Design & Engineering Award, 2011

iPad StandJanuary, 2011

(Credit: CES Innovations International, 2011): Breffo wins the CES Design & Engineering Award, 2011 for Spiderpodium at CES Las Vegas. Again, with our product focus on design and function, we are very proud!

Wales Design Award, 2010

iphone bike mount - Award IconNovember, 2010

(Credit: Wales Design Awards, 2010): The Spiderpodium wins the coveted Wales Design Awards, 2010 for Breffo and the Conka Design Team. We are very proud to display our Design Award Icon!

Maclife Magazine USA

iphone bike mount - MacLifeNovember, 2010

(Credit: Susie Ochs, MacLife, Light and Portable. Assists in holding the iPhone in nearly any position. Hole for dock cable. Can be used with other devices. Good Grip. Affordable. Fun. MacLife Rating: Great!

iphone bike mount - MacLife Rating Great

Tatler Magazine

iphone bike mount - TatlerOctober, 2010

(Credit: Alexander Fitzgerald, Tatler): The Spiderpodium, by Breffo, is a versatile, multi-functional travel accessory, whose 8 bendable legs wrap securely around virtually any handheld portable device. Its lightweight, compact design allows the Spiderpodium to be tucked into a pocket or packed into a bag with ease, making is suitable for all but the most ardent aracnaphobe

MACeasy Magazine

iphone bike mount - MaceasySeptember/October, 2010

(Credit: JKL, MACeasy, Das Spiderpodium sticht durch sein intelligentes Design und die vielfaltigen anwendungsmoglichkeiten aus der Masse der iPhone halterungen heraus. Neben dem Gorillapod von Joby gehort das Spiderpodium zu besten Multi-funktionsstandern. MACeasy: Empfehlung (Recommended Product)!

iphone bike mount - Maceasy Recommends

MacLife iPhone Handbook

iphone bike mount - Maclife HandbookFall, 2010

(Credit: Susie Ochs, MacLife, Light and Portable. Assists in holding the iPhone in nearly any position. Hole for dock cable. Can be used with other devices. Good Grip. Affordable. Fun. MacLife Rating: Great!

iphone bike mount - MacLife Rating Great

The Sunday Business Post

iphone bike mount - Business PostSeptember, 2010

(Credit: Roisin Finlay, Sunday Business Post, Outsider Editor, Ideal for fixing an iPod or an iPhone to a picnic table or tent poles, the Spiderpodium by Breffo is the perfect festival, camping or barbecue accessory. This multi-functional holder for hand-held gadgets, which looks like a spider, thanks to its eight flexible and grippy legs, is also perfect for your sporting endeavours. It can securely wrap onto your bike handle-bars or grip a workout unit at the gym - keeping your device safe (even shooting downhill on a bike) or clear of your sweaty palms. The eight notched legs ensure a secure hold and the rubber shell absorbs any shakes. It's an easily justifiable purchase being a whole lot cheaper than a lost/crushed/sweat-soaked MP3 player.

The Washington Post - (Express)

August, 2010

(Credit: Holly.J.Morris, Washington Post Express): The Spiderpodium looks like it might skitter. Or suck your face. Damn you, 'Alien' franchise! In fact, it's quite safe - the bendy limbs allow for hanging (like in a car) and standing.

The Irish Sunday Star (A-Men Section)

Irish Star on SundayAugust, 2010

(Credit: Gavan Byrne, Daily Star): We love our gadgets here at Toys for Boys, but finding a way to keep them where we wnat them can be a bit of a pain. Sure, a lot of them come with docks and stands, but the A-men manbag just isn't big enough to carry them all. The Spiderpodium is here to change all that. It's a bendy spider-like contraption that can be twisted and made to fit all sorts of different devices. It has eight grippy legs, just like its arachnoid cousins, that can be used to make a simple stand or even to firmly attach things to car dashboards or bike handlebars. Best of all, it's lightweight so you won't mind carrying it in a bag or pocket. The Spiderpodium is available in black or white and is the best gadget accessory we've seen in ages.

Singapore Daily Newspaper - Roam (Tech Section)

Roam SingaporeAugust, 2010

(Credit: Roam, Singapore): Sure your phone can be a video player, navigation device, camera and even a bedside clock. But how do you hold it steady for all these functions? Try this eight legged, waterproof wonder, which is billed as a "flexible, universal travel dock and gadget grip". Its many legs can be twisted to grip your phone and hold it in place, whether on flat or uneven surfaces. Or use it to mount your phone on your bike's handlebars or car's sun visor. Works as a pliable toy too.

iPhone & More Magazine

Maclife: iPhone & MoreJuly, 2010

(Credit: Joachim Klaschen): Der englischer Hersteller Breffo bietet mit dem Spiderpodium eine halgewahrt fur iPhone und iPod touch an, die in fast jeder Situation einen festen Stand gewahrt. Die elastischen Gelenke des Spiderpodium Iassen sich um Kopfstutzen, Astgabeln und Fahrradlenker wickeln und sorgen so im auto, im Garten oder auf dem Fahrrad fur freie sicht auf das display.

FHM Magazine

FHM MalaysiaJune, 2010

(Credit: Eugene Phua, FHM Malaysia): Why it's good? This gadget holder looks like it wants to crawl across your desk and up your cubicle. The portable Spiderpodium has eight bendable legs that hug your iPhone or any other handhelds, allowing you to hang it on your dashboard or your bike handrail. Made of rubber and steel, it's waterproof and looks way cool to all but the most hardcore arachnophobe.

Primeurs Magazine

PrimeursJune, 2010

(Credit: Karl Yoran Juster, PRIMEURS): Un gadget genial Si vous souffrez d'arachnophobie, nul doute que votre crainte des araignees s'estompera avec le Spiderpodium. Ce nouvel accessoire inspire des longues pattes articulees des arachnides s'utilise comme support pour un iPhone ou tout autre article de taille similaire. Il suffit de plier ses huit pattes dans n'importe quelle direction afin que l'araignee agrippe l'appareil pour que l'on puisse ensuite la poser sur une surface plane ou l'accrocher derriere le siege de la voiture ou sur le guidon d'un velo. - full article

Stuff Magazine

StuffFebruary, 2010

(Credit: Tom Wiggins, Stuff): Ants can't whistle, ducks can't play squash and until now spiders couldn't hold onto your gadgets. But a bit like a skeletal Gorillapod (what's with these gadget podiums taking on animal names?), Breffo's Spiderpodium has one purpose - to provide a platform for pretty much whatever you want. Its eight spindly legs wrap around your iPod, Sat-Nav, or [insert gadget name here] and hold on for dear life. You can even use it to fix your phone to your bike's handlebars. Perhaps it's time to start listening more closely to those ants...

Che Magazine

CheMarch, 2010

(Credit: Peggy Huygelen, Che): Deze achtpotige spin houdt uw iPod, mp3-speler, gsm of eender welk toestel waar u het maar hebben wil. De handleiding is simpel: klem gewoon een paar poten rond het toestel naar keuze. U kan bijvoorbeeld uw mp3-speler aan het stuur van uw fiets binden. Eindelijk een spin waarvoor de vrouwtjes niet gaan gillen.

C-NET - Crave

Car & TravelMarch 15, 2010 (Credit: John Chan, CNET): The Spiderpodium from U.K.-based Breffo is a gadget holder with eight legs. These can be manipulated to fit your needs, whether you're using the accessory as a desktop stand or a hanging holder in your car. In its promotional materials, Breffo even displays it wrapped around a bicycle handlebar so you can attach your phone to your bike. This is useful, especially if said phone is also a satellite navigation device. Right now, all I can think about is how to wrap it around my face so I can make an iPhone look like a facehugger from "Alien."

The Spiderpodium is expected to be available starting March 29 and is currently on preorder for 14.99 pounds ($23.70) - full article


Car & TravelMarch 14, 2010 (Credit: The Spiderpodium Gadget Stand Is Unnecessarily Freaking Me Out The Spiderpodium is pretty self-explanatory: It's a gadget-stand/tripod (well, an octo-pod, technically) shaped like an arthropod. Lacking much to explain, I'm going to tell you the origins of my arachnophobia. Everyone take a seat. It's about to get real.

First, to get the business part of this out of the way, the Spiderpodium is sort of a riff on the Gorillapod, only it has eight flexible legs shaped like the legs of its terrifying namesake. It's a good idea, actually; since all eight legs are equally flexible, it can be attached to pretty much anything, and it can also securely hold pretty much any gadget, of any size. It's like if Gumby was hugging your gadget, only he had eight legs and gave me nightmares. This is what it looks like in different configurations- full article

Pocket Lint

Car & TravelMarch 16, 2010 (Credit: Duncan Geere, Pocket Lint): A company called Breffo has invented a product called the Spiderpodium, which looks to do for the world of iPods and iPhones what the Gorillapod has done for the world of digital cameras.

It's essentially a stand for your Apple device, with eight arms that can fold around your device or around anything else. The company suggests clipping it to your bike handle, or the vents in your car, or even around a car seat, so that it lets you view your gadget more easily, even if you don't have a proper dock. - full article