About Spiderpodium

Spiderpodium - Dock it. Hang it. Grip it.

The multi-award winning gadget grip and docking station for Smartphones, Camera's, MP3 Players, Handheld Gaming Systems, SatNav Units, and virtually all other handheld devices. Portable, Lightweight and packs flat, Spiderpodium is the ultimate travel companion.

Car & Travel

The Spiderpodium is the ideal travel companion for your portable devices. Imagine your very own personal in dash GPS and movie player console! Holster your SatNav GPS on the dash of your car, hook in your charger, then just grab it and go when done!

Not just for commuter travel, for holiday travel too! Perfect on a seatback for long train and plane journeys or commutes! Hang your smartphone or movie player on the back of a train seat, holster your mp3 player on a plane tray table. On arrival, just pop it back in your bag or pocket! Then dock it in your hotel, on your desk, even take it on the beach. Easy peasey!


Home & Office

Great for use in the home, the Spiderpodium looks superb on its own just sitting on a mantle, as an all purpose dock in the kitchen or sitting on a bed as a movie player podium.

WORK & OFFICE: Organise your workstation! Dock your phone on a desk, holster your music player, or grip your camera on a PC monitor, even just hang things. The Spiderpodium also works great as a level podium holding a mini projector! No need to worry about battery life, the unique body design allows for devices to be charged while docked!


Leisure & Outdoors

Revolutionary Bike Mount for iPhone. Multi functional for use in everyday leisure situations, the Spiderpodium is the ideal accessory for your bike, securely wrapped on your bike handlebars or even gripped around a workout unit at the gym. The 8 'notched' legs ensure a secure hold and the rubber shell absorbs the shocks! Brilliant!

A good friend of the outdoors, compact, flexible & waterproof, the Spiderpodium is ideal for docking a radio on a picnic table, or while camping; wrapped around tent poles used as a grip for a torch, a holster for a gadget, even as a general purpose hook for hanging wet clothes, or just hanging from your backpack, looking good!



Great fun for kids! The Spiderpodium is the perfect accessory for all portable movie players. Great for movies on the go! Use it with a movie player in the back seat of a car, hanging off the front headrest, dock a portable gaming system or simply use the Spiderpodium as a flexi-toy to play with!

Parents, too! The Spiderpodium lends itself to wrap around and firmly grip onto anything it can, which is particularly useful on a baby stroller/buggy when both hands are otherwise engaged! Out jogging with baby? No pockets? Simply wrap it around the handle, drop in your mobile device and off you go! Genius!


Design Genius

8 legs are better than 3! Use your Spiderpodium as a sturdy camera or camcorder Tripod (or octipod!). Get perfect stills, virtually anywhere, uneven surface or not! The Spiderpodium is more flexible and forgiving than most tripods on the market.

No instructions required! Configure, dock and use multiple ways. Limited only by imagination. One size fits all! The universal nature of the Spiderpodium allows it to hang virtually anywhere and grip virtually anything! The Spiderpodium even docks and grips with no need to remove phone covers and cases to use and charge. Perfect!


Ultimate Video Conferencing Accessory

Video conferencing - Anytime. Anywhere! The Spiderpodium is the ultimate smartphone to smartphone video conferencing accessory. The Spiderpodium will allow you to position a phone at any angle, in any position. Unlike a standard dock, there is no fixed position and no need to 'prop up' to get the right angle. Just flex as required and chat hands free!

Spiderpodium can be utilised as an accessory to virtually any handheld portable device available. Spiderpodium is very lightweight and compact making it particularly portable. The product's compact nature allows for Spiderpodium to be tucked into a pocket or packed into a handbag with ease. Spiderpodium is a fantastic travel companion.


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